Sacred Recovery

To turn a battleground into holy ground. That is recovery.

From Battleground to Holy Ground : My Body in Recovery - Sacred Recovery

Addiction is like war. It is, by definition, pure destruction. Self destruction. With its fair share of collateral damage. A daily battle between life and death, with the addict fighting for both sides at once. For the lucky ones-for whom life is the victor-there is the relief, the dressing of wounds, and the celebration and ...

We're All Part Of The Story

Your Story Is Just Beginning

We truly understand the importance of “every story matters.” Each of us has a story to tell. Recently, staff members from ACED went together to get the semicolon tattoo out of respect for our own stories and the brave stories belonging to each incredible soul we bear witness to every day. Our commitment to and passion for the work we do runs deep. Your story matters.

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