We All Need Help


“There are no words that speak the gratitude we have in our hearts for you.”

They knew what was the truth. They knew the signs of things about to go really bad. They knew what to do to put the brakes on.

— So Grateful

I always think of ACED for helping to save my entire family.

It’s funny, I don’t even remember how I heard about ACED.  I truly don’t remember.  What I do remember is meeting with the Clinical Director. I told her the story of my daughter. We both cried. Most importantly, she understood my daughter’s pain and felt ACED could help our daughter develop healthier ways to cope with her disease. I left the building that day feeling as though I was no longer alone.

— Parent

“I wish we had found ACED sooner.”

Thank you for truly having a heart for those suffering from an eating disorder, family members included.

— A Dad

“They held our hands through the process.”

Sometimes I think, "if there's a hell, it's what we go through here on earth" AND, "maybe Heaven is here as well... and thank goodness for ACED's Angels!

— Family Member

Much appreciation, feelings of endearment, and a real desire to give back. Thank you.

We just wanted to share how much you mean to our family. You were instrumental in helping our daughter, and our whole family, during her battle with an eating disorder. — ACED Family


ACED was there for all of us.

We were encouraged  to come to open family sessions with other clients and their families that met.  It was so helpful to know that other people understand your pain, frustration, and sadness. They know why you are scared. 

— A Parent

ACED never gave up, they held onto hope for all of us.

My daughter is in college now. She is doing remarkably well.  She is courageous and strong.  She is going to school, making good grades, and working part time. She has found a way to love herself and has the confidence to stay focused and reach her goals. What I know more than anything else is that had it not been for ACED we would not be where we are today.  I am forever grateful to them for their love, guidance, and for sharing our journey. They were with us in the beginning.  They held our hands throughout each crisis, and I know they are always one phone call away should we need them in the future. I drive past ACED each day on my way to work.  I always pause for a few extra seconds to look at the building and say thanks.  To offer a quick prayer for the clients and families in the middle of their struggle.  I rarely stop, yet I always know if I were to drop in, it would feel like home.

  A Mother’s Story

“Compassion, grace, love, hope are all words to describe all of those who work at ACED who care so much about taking care of those struggling.”

Their compassion and commitment to their clients goes above and beyond!

Shortly after our daughter was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa she was hospitalized for re-feeding. During that time we urgently searched for the help our daughter would need once she was discharged from the hospital. After comparing the options, we immediately knew ACED was the best place. The staff are professional, experienced and above all caring. Because some staff have recovered from eating disorders themselves, they carry a much needed creditability with the clients, engaging them honestly and empathetically confronting them with the truth needed to recover. Our daughter has been in recovery for over 7 years now. We highly recommend ACED to anyone who is struggling with an eating disorder.

— Parents

You either walk inside your story and own it or you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness.
— Brene Brown