To determine the best course of treatment, we collaborate directly with each client, prior treatment providers, outpatient providers, and family members to create a functional plan that best fits the individual needs including working to identify all successes and failures as defined by the client and their family/significant other, working to understand how best to use the client’s history as a road map for future recovery.

With an emphasis on understanding each client’s learning style, as well as highlighting significant strengths they may have as well as any possible barriers to treatment and then together we create a collaborative client contract and intervention plan to navigate the recovery process.

Making changes can be difficult in even the best of circumstances. ACED strives to create a community where both clients and staff are encouraged to establish healthy, meaningful connections promoting understanding, safety and hope.

ACED’s programming is designed to facilitate engagement in the treatment process. Our team develops a partnership with each client to enhance their strengths and collaborate in treatment planning and goals. When clients want to give up, or “hit a wall”, we persevere and support them to keep going. The programming at ACED is specifically designed to:

·      Increase each client’s sense of autonomy

 · Increase each client’s sense of personal responsibility

·      Reduce each client’s experience of treatment resistance

·      Reduce each client’s experience of treatment fatigue aka “burnout”

I discovered myself and the world, and then forgot them, and discovered them again.
— Annie Dillard