Proudly providing care and services since 2009 to the children and adolescents of Alabama ages 13 and up.

While The Children’s Hospital of Alabama was the first to recognize and meet the needs of the adolescent population diagnosed with eating disorders with their outpatient eating disorder clinic under the direction of Dr. Marsha Sturdevant, ACED is proud to have offered extended PHP and IOP programming to children and adolescents for the past ten years along withChildren’s Adolescent Eating Disorder Clinic.

Our program has maintained Joint Commission Accreditation for the privilege of serving the child adolescent population since it’s inception in 2009.  

Recognizing that when a child or adolescent suffers from an eating disorder, the entire family is affected; our program is designed to work with the needs of the whole family.

Programming is guided by our adolescent specialist, Katie White LPC, M.Ed., a former high school English teacher, field hockey and lacrosse coach, long time summer-camp counselor, working in the community programs Girls’ Inc and Girls On the Run, as well as the director of youth programs on a cruise ship. She exhibits an incredible passion and understanding for the unique challenge and needs of children and adolescents struggling with this illness. She is currently completing her advanced training in Family Based Therapy (FBT) and will be among the first certified FBT therapists in the Southeast. 

Our psychiatrist is board certified in child and adolescent psychiatry to meet the unique, specific needs of the adolescent client. Our therapists, physicians, family nurse practitioner, and our nurses work directly with parents, families, and pediatricians; and to provide support, education, and address ongoing concerns during the treatment process.

As well as providing appropriate therapeutic interventions and nutritional rehabilitation, our program works directly with the school system to ensure each client’s academic needs are addressed, including incorporating home bound tutors, monitored school hours within the program, often working with and families on 504 and IEP accommodations as well as educating the schools and their counseling departments about the needs of students struggling with this devastating disease.

Not only does ACED strive to provide services to clients while still in school but have witnessed many go on to graduate, some actually completing high school and graduating while in our care. Our primary goal is to ensure clients receive the best care, allowing them to succeed in all areas of their young lives providing individualized care, addressing the eating disorder symptoms as well as helping each client reduce existing academic concerns and anxieties.

We aim to provide programming, that when appropriate, allows clients to stay home in their own environment with families close by and be an extended part of the client’s care and treatment.

We currently coordinate with Children’s Hospital of Alabama outpatient Eating Disorders Clinic providing appropriate referrals as necessary.

 Programming may include but is not limited to:

  • Individual and Family Therapy

  • Family Based Therapy (FBT)

  • Individualized Recovery Plan

  • Meal Support

  • Meeting with Dietitian

  • Nursing and Medical Care

  • Expressive Arts Therapies

  • Experiential Therapies

  • Adjunctive Experiences

  • Transitional Assistance

  • Recovery Challenges/Coordinated School Services

  • Adolescent Focused Groups

  Family Support may include but is not limited to:

  • Family Based Therapy (FBT)

  • Family Therapy

  • Parental Sessions and Education

  • Ongoing communication with Primary Therapist with weekly phone calls and emails

  • Parental education with dietitians regarding meal plan structure

  • Assistance with school based interventions and communication

  • Appropriate referrals as necessary