Community Supported Recovery


We believe engagement in our local community is critical to building the relationships necessary to help our clients on their recovery journey. We are establishing connections throughout Birmingham that help us enhance each client’s experience in their recovery process and also provide connections they can maintain beyond the walls of the ACED community. We are grateful for each community partner and the part they play in the ACED mission.


The Abbey is a non-profit community based coffee shop in the up and coming Avondale neighborhood, offering a unique safe space for individuals in the community to connect and engage with one another. The Abbey works alongside ACED, offering work and volunteer positions for those transitioning away from treatment and into real life. “The Abbey absolutely loves having volunteers from the Center as part of our community! They are compassionate, resilient, and are crucial to our mission of hospitality and diversity.” - Rev. Katie Nakamura Rengers, Abbey Director


Birmingham Yoga provides an emotionally safe place for our clients to practice. Our relationship with Birmingham Yoga allows for each client to experience a compassionate space both individually and in classes. Birmingham yoga has an ongoing relationship with the recovery community and opens their doors to all persons finding their way on the healing journey.


Our chef, Robert has developed an amazing relationship with this local market. They work alongside Robert each week reviewing our menus, making recommendations to ensure we have the freshest meats and seafood available in the meal preparation at ACED. Thank you owners, Pam and Kent, for the incredible services you bring to our community.


Crestline Pharmacy has played a key role in providing quality care to our clients since we opened our doors. Working with a local, independent pharmacy ensures our clients customer service and care that goes above and beyond. Thank you Mike and “Scooter” for taking such good care of the people you serve.


Agile Physical Therapy has supported the ACED Team from the very beginning. Our clients have consistently benefitted from their compassionate, gentle approach to healing. Those struggling with eating disorders may often experience de-conditioning and may require assessment and evaluation as a part of their recovery process and reincorporating a healthy, balanced exercise/activities plan. We can’t imagine a better place or more caring people to assist them on their journey.