Recovery Is Possible


ACED commits to maintain the highest standards of care in the treatment of each client, promising to respect the whole person and their loved ones, working diligently together to meet their individual needs as they navigate the difficult road of recovery. We are a small privately owned facility focused on truly individualized care and long term recovery integration for each client. We specialize in the treatment of anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, orthorexia and all other eating disorder diagnoses and disordered eating and co-occurring disorders.

  • We believe that eating disorders do not have to be a lifelong struggle and that full recovery is possible

  • We blend ethical, compassionate, creative, individualized care with evidence-based treatment methods

  • We remain committed to collaboration in the treatment process of each client, working closely with both client and their support network

  • We commit to developing individualized recovery plans that best support the individual’s recovery process by focusing on specific life goals and challenges tailored to the specific strengths and needs of each client

  • We believe in the recovery of the whole person, and work relentlessly to help each client restore body, mind and soul and rediscover their true identity separate from an eating disorder

  • We commit to approach each client’s treatment process both personally and professionally with grace, compassion, humor, honesty, empathy, hope and determination

How are you going to spend this one and precious life you have been issued? Taste it, enjoy it and find out the truth about who you are.
— Anne Lamott