A Center for Eating Disorders understands the courage it requires to take the first step towards recovery and we are committed to help those first steps be less overwhelming. While eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of all psychiatric illnesses, they also have the possibility of FULL RECOVERY with early intervention and the appropriate care.

Our treatment team believes eating disorders are not only treatable but curable. Why? Because many of us live out recovery each and every day and have witnessed our clients do the same - recovering full, abundant lives. These human miracles are no different than you or your child or anyone else suffering from an eating disorder. They took the first steps and embraced the courage necessary to reach out and ask for help. The work is never easy, but the strength is within you.

We are here to help you embrace the same courage as like so many others before you. Recovery is possible. We encourage you to contact our admissions office by phone at 205-933-0041 or email us via our confidential email at info@acenterforeatingdisorders for more information on how to begin your recovery journey with A Center for Eating Disorders. We invite you to fill out our confidential intake below and our admissions coordinator will contact you regarding your inquiry.

Confidential Pre-Intake Form

Rest assured that all information shared in this form is kept confidential and private, in adherence to the privacy policy of A Center For Eating Disorders. We respect your privacy. Information submitted via this form is confidential and intended solely for the staff at ACED. Data will be encrypted during transmission and sent via an SSL connection. Once you've submitted this form, we'll send you an e-mail reply to keep for your records.

Additional Admissions Information



ACED wants to make your access to care our main priority. We work to collaborate with your insurance providers to get the most coverage possible. Because all insurance companies and plans vary coverage for the treatment of eating disorders, we cannot know what your specific plan offers. Each insurance policy has different rules and different requirements for admission to treatment depending on the level of care necessary, the state you are living in, providers available etc.

Our Intake and Admissions Coordinator works diligently to collect your information, identify your benefits available and explore the options available to you either through your insurance or other means available. We will work with both you and your insurance company including establishing a single case agreement with your insurer if we are not in network.

Families may find themselves overwhelmed by the challenges of navigating their insurance companies. We encourage you to visit the The National Eating Disorder Associations insurance toolkit and know your rights when it comes to advocating for you or your family member’s access to the appropriate care.

ACED is currently in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Magellan, Humana/LIfeSynch and Aetna.


Professional to Professional


When professionals refer clients to our program, we like to maintain a colleague-to-colleague relationship. As professionals, we can share insights and experiences regarding individual clients, and together, find the best treatment approach for the client. Upon arrival at the center, we assign all clients a primary therapist. This therapist will likely be the closest ACED staff member to the client, and will keep in contact with outside support professionals to discuss ongoing issues. We also invite support professionals to attend our weekly staff meetings to discuss the client's progress with our entire treatment team.

If you are a professional with a client in need of treatment, feel free to call our office at 205-933-0041, or email us at info@acenterforeatingdisorders.com. Professionals may also give the aforementioned contact information to a client, who can contact us with any questions and/or set up a free confidential intake. We are happy to arrange a tour for any interested colleagues, and potential clients to share our center’s philosophy and program specifics. 

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