As a collaborative community, we are stronger and more successful than any one of us alone. All of us at A Center for Eating Disorders work as a team, including staff, clients, family members and outside professionals. 

If all involved parties approve, we invite fellow professionals who have a client at our center to participate in that client’s treatment every step of the way. 

As the client settles into our program, the continued participation of an outside support system provides a steady connection and creates a seamless transition. If possible, we encourage clients to maintain a professional relationship and continue sessions with their therapists, in person or by phone. We can facilitate this relationship with professionals nearby in Birmingham, throughout Alabama, and any location worldwide.

Such continuity provides clients continued care within a sustained relationship support. This continuity is important during the entire process and, perhaps is most crucial during the client’s transition from treatment back to home and into every day life.

Professional to Professional

When professionals refer clients to our program, we like to maintain a colleague-to-colleague relationshp. As professionals, we can share insights and experiences regarding individual clients, and together, find the best treatment approach for the client. Upon arrival at the center, we assign all clients a primary therapist. This therapist will likely be the closest ACED staff member to the client, and will keep in contact with outside support professionals to discuss ongoing issues. We also invite support professionals to attend our weekly staff meetings to discuss the client's progress with our entire treatment team.

The Next Step

If you are a professional with a client in need of treatment, call our office at 205. 933.0041, or email us at Professionals may also give the aforementioned contact information to a client, who can contact us with any questions and/or set up a time and date for a short phone interview. We are happy to arrange a tour for any interested colleagues and potential clients to share our center, philosophy and program specifics. 

To meet the individual needs of your client, we offer multiple options. Contact our office at 205-933-0041 to talk with a clinician regarding your client’s specific needs.