“Speak Your Truth - Even If Your Voice Shakes”


“Thank God Recovery is a Real Thing.”

I never thought I could live without my eating disorder. I'm so glad I was wrong. I can't imagine ever going back to that hell. Thank God recovery is a real thing.

— Forever Grateful

I always think of ACED for helping to save my entire family.

As I healed, I learned that every one’s story is different. I learned to accept and love myself, accept and love the others’ and their stories, and realize that food is not what it’s about. It’s how we cope.

— Former Client

“I only wanted to go to treatment once.”

Four years into my recovery, I am lucky to have found ACED as my first and, so far, only eating disorder treatment experience. I don’t know firsthand what it’s like elsewhere, but I truly believe ACED is special.

— Former Client

“They held our hands through the process.”

Yes, I still make mistakes and no, I haven't been perfect.  I have no doubt that I was frustrating, but they still kept cheering me on.

— Former Client

I cannot put into words how thankful I am I found ACED.

They saved my life. They gave me back the life I never even knew I had. From the moment I arrived, I was showered with so much love and support, and was welcomed into a family I am still a part of 4 years later. Whether it was talking me through a meal, helping me with my budget, or listening to me cry, there was never any judgement--only love. They taught me how to love myself and how to accept love from others. For that, I am forever grateful. No matter where I am in my life, no matter what happens, I know I will always have a home in Birmingham, Alabama.  

— Former Client

Having been at the young age of 19, I descended into the ugly depths of anorexia quickly and knew I would not be able to help myself. I was guided to ACED and what I thought was going to be a month to a few months of treatment turned into about a year and a half of intense treatment and a lifetime loving bond with those who helped guide me to become who I am today. Eight years later - I’m still free.

— Former Client

“A Desperate Need to Return to Myself”

My recovery journey was fraught with a melancholy sweetness, a kind of homesickness for the soul, a desperate need to return to myself. I am home.

— Former Client

“A Center for Eating Disorders helped to save my life and change the direction of it drastically.”

ACED is still a home to me. Always will be. I gained more than just weight. Weight is minute to what life is about. I gained a sense of self, I became stronger from one of the worst times in my life, I had a clearer vision as to what I want in life, and know that I want to be of service to others. Through the years following treatment, I have learned that problems and heartaches are inevitable. That’s life, but I do not use food to focus on as a way to avoid what’s ahead.


“When I look back at the time I spent at ACED, the thing that hits me the most is how grateful I am to them and for them.  They never let me go, even when I was hard-headed and difficult.  Thankfully my therapist was just as stubborn, if not more than I am and never gave up hope for me.”  

It never occurred to me that there was life beyond my eating disorder. I was never given a choice in treatment before, I learned that recovery is really truly mine, and with support along the way now I can say it’s mine. It’s not perfect, but it’s real!

ACED taught me honesty in life, in my emotions, and in facing my fears. They provided me with a safe environment to work through the fears that held me back and they cheered me on through every victory. At ACED, I learned how to live. I began to see my life for the precious gift that it is. The fears that had once consumed me paled in comparison to this new desire to take advantage of the life I’ve been given and chase my passions and my dreams. ACED helped me find and believe in my own beauty, and strength, and bravery, and in doing so enabled me to begin giving that back to others, and for that I will forever be thankful.

— Full of Gratitude

“Although wanting so much to recover, I still struggled with letting go and allowing the process to help. I rebelled and pushed back many times, but everyone stayed right with me not backing down, and always saying ‘truth without judgement”.

Here’s the truth: you have permission. Because this is the body you’ve been blessed with. There’s no need to fight it, hate it, or change it. It’s beautiful, it’s perfect, and it’s time to embrace and fall in love with it. It’s okay that it doesn’t look the way you think it should or the way you think others expect it to. It matters that it is nourished, given grace, and accepted by the soul it protects.
— Martha Lee Anne, R.D. ACED Primary Dietitian