Because You Matter

If you are reading this, chances are you are struggling - a lot, right now in this very moment.

Maybe you’re struggling with the idea of getting help.

Maybe you’re struggling with believing you even need or deserve help.

You do.

Whatever your struggle. Please know that you are not alone.

If you are feeling hopeless, hear us when we say, “There is help!”

If you fear you aren’t good enough or worth it, hear us when we say, “You are!”

If you find yourself asking if recovery is real, hear us when we say, “It is.”

If you feel like it’s too late, hear us when we say, “It’s not.”

If you feel like no one cares, hear us when we say, “Someone absolutely does.”

If you feel like you’ve already tried a million times, hear us when we say, “Try once more.”

Your struggle is real.

Your fears are valid.

Your feelings matter.

You matter.

Ask for help.

It’s okay.

You are loved.


In all ways.

Never give up.

No matter what.

You are not alone.

There is hope.

Lovely, I hope you start to let yourself take up the space you occupy. I hope you let yourself expand to the outer edges of every room you walk into. I hope you let the world inside of you become a part of the world outside of you. I hope you know that grace is sufficient for you without you trying to change, without you being ‘better.’ Grace is sufficient to carry what you’ve been carrying, to understand what you understand, and to know your heart better than you do.
— Martha Lee Anne, R.D.