Sacred Recovery

To turn a battleground into holy ground. That is recovery.

From Battleground to Holy Ground : My Body in Recovery - Sacred Recovery

Addiction is like war. It is, by definition, pure destruction. Self destruction. With its fair share of collateral damage. A daily battle between life and death, with the addict fighting for both sides at once. For the lucky ones-for whom life is the victor-there is the relief, the dressing of wounds, and the celebration and ...

Life Is A Celebration

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Today we celebrate our Primary Dietitian, Kendall Owens, RD. Kendall, we cannot imagine doing this work without you. Your tender heart, tenacious spirit, heart filled laugh and love of all things donuts (not to mention your adorable one dance move) make our lives better every day. We are blessed to witness your love and care for each soul honored to work with you, Thank you for reminding us that grace and compassion are such an incredible foundation for the work we share and the life we live. You are truly a magical soul living with fierce grace!

Happy Birthday Kendall! We hope it is filled with as much light and love as you give the world.

Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy

Your Recovery - Your Pace

3 Reasons Why Comparing Your Mental Illness to Others is Damaging - #1 Mental Health Blog - Talkspace

Clinical Psychologist It is human nature to compare yourself to others, whether favorably or unfavorably. Favorable comparisons enhance self-esteem and make people feel better about their life circumstances, while continually comparing yourself negatively to others can have the opposite effect. People compare themselves to others in all arenas of life.