From Auburn University, Martha earned bachelor’s degrees in English and Nutrition/Dietetic and a master’s degree in Nutrition Sciences. She leads intuitive eating groups to spread non-diet love at ACED and in the surrounding area.  

As a dietitian to people with eating disorders, Martha is not always the good guy but reminds clients she's just the “mediator between their hearts, stomachs and brain – not the weight fairy or the food police.” Martha is a spontaneous hummer, chronic singer, and a master of metaphor, which she wields to demystify nutrition for clients.

Her perfect place is beneath the sun and beside the lake with her son Henry, family, watermelon, and homemade peach ice cream.

Here’s the truth: you have permission. Because this is the body you’ve been blessed with. There’s no need to fight it, hate it, or change it. It’s beautiful, it’s perfect, and it’s time to embrace and fall in love with it. It’s okay that it doesn’t look the way you think it should or the way you think others expect it to. It matters that it is nourished, given grace, and accepted by the soul it protects.
— Martha Lee Anne