Kendall graduated from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville and completed her dietetic internship at ACED, where she discovered a passion for working with people battling eating disorders. Alongside relationships with her dog, Blue, the "amazing, handsome and most perfect dog ever”, and her husband, who's "pretty great too." Kendall cherishes a healthy relationship with food. 

"She is incredibly passionate about her career and so thankful to work with clients in order to help them heal their relationship to food.

Kendall's infinite enthusiasm and infectious quirks have earned her many unofficial titles, like Donut Connoisseur and The Dancing Dietitian – she can dance to anything, or nothing, and does it well. However, she's most proud of "The Good Eater Award Ribbon" hanging proudly on the wall in her office.

I believe my patience, kindness and ability to make anyone laugh with my crazy dance moves helps create relationships with my clients to further their recovery
— Kendall