Emily earned a master's degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham's Nursing Honors Program. She worked as both a staff and ICU nurse at the UAB hospital before joining ACED. She has received multiple professional accolades, including the Renee Argersinger Commitment to Nursing Award. Emily brings to our team deep compassion, perpetual kindness and an uncanny ability to treat and understand the complexity of eating disorders.

At heart, Emily is a family gal who loves board games, chai tea lattes and being outdoors, especially to hike and garden. Her soul is further restored by sleeping late on Saturday mornings and frequent doses of "Parks and Recreation".

Within the ACED walls there are beautiful people of all kinds. There are those who are struggling, those who are recovering, those who are healing, and those who strive to bring healing to others. I have the privilege of bringing comfort on bad days and goofing off with clients on good days. I’ve heard it said that recovery feels like swimming upstream in heavy fireman’s gear. You know how to swim, but the weight of all that you’re carrying keeps you from reaching the shore. I can’t swim for you, but I can help remove the gear so that swimming becomes a bit easier. I’m not just an onlooker, I’m in the stream with you, clearing the debris, making a path, and beckoning you to follow.
— Emily