Elizabeth earned a bachelor’s degree in nutrition from Samford University. Her focus of study and experience is intuitive eating.

Elizabeth’s initiative, positivity, and patience – along with many other positive qualities – fosters great rapport with her clients and coworkers. She loves photographing a great meal almost as much as eating it. One way to this girl's heart is a refillable popcorn bucket, which she'll likely use for weekly movie nights.

She is a family girl and a team player through and through. Most days if you’re lucky you’ll catch her amazing dance moves in the office. Her kind, gentle spirit provides the space our clients need to feel safe in the kitchen, out at a restaurant or just basically in this thing called life.

I feel so blessed to have the opportunity working in the red brick house every day and pouring into others, who unknowingly also pour back into me. Even when days are tough, it is never anything a dance party in the kitchen or spontaneous pigs in a blanket can’t fix.
— Elizabeth